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High Desert Eden

"Though I've spent time in the high desert before, never was I met with such comfort or luxury. Everything about Robin and Max's Eden is wonderful - from the hosts to their gardens to the casita to the stargazing. Use the spot as a jumping off point for hiking and adventure throughout Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree, or simply recline and let the desert peace become you."

Los Angeles

"Staying in this delightful desert haven was a refreshing change from other "destination" sites" I've been to . The scents of the high desert were accentuated by the sounds of the myriad birds regaling me.  The sunrises and sunsets inspire tears with their magnificence and majesty.  The casita had everything a guest could have wanted in a highly comfortable and extremely satisfying environment filled with fine art and lovely vistas. The beauty of the hills and boulders surrounding this dream location is still whispering its song of enchantment to me.  I'm going back!"

Leigh Adams
Altadena, CA

Nearby Joshua Tree National Park

While there are fabulous things to do and see all around us, if your desire is for silence, solitude and reflection, you never have to leave the grounds to enjoy a complete high desert experience.

Grab your camera and snap a colorful bird bathing at our waterfall. Meander along gentle trails, climb up into the hills or boulder and cactus garden behind the casita.

Explore our ancient seasonal wash, a treasure-trove for rock hounds...and there is nothing more heartstopping than a moonrise over the mesas.

The boulder and cactus garden behind the casita.

Relax at the koi pond and waterfall

Stink bug munching on cactus

Cooper's hawks are frequent morning visitors.
We have a pair of bobcats that visit our property.
They're so gorgeous!

Visit four Wildland Conservancy Preserves nearby - "Pioneertown Mountains" across the road, "Whitewater,"
"Mission Creek" and "Bluff Lakes," all short drives from High Desert Eden.

Your hosts with Garth at "Garth's Boulder Gardens" (L to R: Max Thomas, Garth, Robin Maxwell)
Take a magical mystery tour to the little known caves, petroglyphs and rock piles that rival the national park at "Garth's Boulder Gardens."

Look how tiny we are next to one of the giant Joshua trees on the back road to Big Bear.

If you're up for some live music and country cooking, take a 5-minute drive down the road to PAPPY AND HARRIET'S PIONEERTOWN PALACE. One reviewer said, "The scene is amazing: old desert folk, bikers, musicians (known and indie), Angelenos w/out attitude, country folk, all together to share food, booze, desert views and live music.  You can't have a bad time here."

Pappy and Harriet's Pioneertown Palace

See Pappy and Harriet's menu Make dinner reservations well in advance. Check out upcoming musical acts.


Historic Pioneertown

Take a stroll down historic PIONEERTOWN where western movies and TV shows were shot in the `40s and `50s.

Every Saturday at 2:00pm watch a WILD WEST SHOOT-OUT on "Mane Street" just up the road from the OK Corral.


Visit the most photographed post office in the U.S.A.

Robin Maxwell's "Book Club Weekend Getaways" Private Yoga with American yoga master, Max Thomas

Joshua Tree National Park (U.S. National Park Service) Big Morongo Canyon Preserve

Simi Dabah - Steel Sculptures Pioneertown Mountains Preserve Wildlands Conservancy

Route 62 Art Tours Route 62 Vintage Marketplace

The Intrigue of the Giant Rock Gubler's Orchids

The Integratron - The Fusion of Art, Science and Magic Noah Purifoy: A Celebration of Life and Art

Bhakti Fest Yoga and Music Festival Joshua Tree Music Festival

High Desert Eden - (760) 228-2288
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