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High Desert Eden

"Robin and Max's hospitality went far and above what I expected and contributed greatly to the sense of specialness of the trip. I enjoyed getting to know them both, and was honored that they shared their Casita and their community."

Puyallup, WA

"I  have stayed at the 'casita in the desert' several times now, and each time it's just a magical experience.  I write, hike, relax in the peaceful silence of this secluded desert land. The casita is just the right size for comfort and coziness, and the unobstructed view of the stars at night will take your breath away. There are no words to describe the night sky overhead, and the serenity of the land will sooth your mind. Max and Robin are excellent hosts who leave you to your peace and quiet.  You're on your own time -- turn off your cell phone, leave the city behind if only for a few days. But it's enough to re-generate your soul."

Victor Migenes Keller Williams Realty 
Los Feliz, CA

Your Hosts

Your hosts are yogi and healer MAX THOMAS and his wife of over 30 years, bestselling author and screenwriter, ROBIN MAXWELL.  They are privileged to be caretakers of the land and creators of the High Desert Eden sanctuary.

Countless artists, writers, musicians, healers, yogis, parents and children have found quiet, comfort and inspiration in this remarkable "home away from home."  Now Max and Robin have decided to share their little corner of paradise with you. Depending on your wishes, they will grant you total privacy or offer guidance for your many adventures.

An Eco-Friendly Destination

"We live proudly off the electrical grid at High Desert Eden, with a photo-voltaic array mounted on a state-of-the-art "tracker," augmented by a wind generator. While we have all the modern amenities here, we've learned to be conscious about consumption and live lightly on the land.  We ask all our guests to do the same.  Max is available for discussion and consultation about our system."

High Desert Eden - (760) 228-2288
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